Tyre care

Learn the basics to master the road

Welcome to everything you've ever wanted to know about tyres. The basics. How to select a tyre. What to look for in a tyre. How a tyre is built. How to inspect a tyre. And much more. The more you learn, the more you can improve your tyres' tread life and your uptime.

I) Tyres Basics
Learn the ins and outs of Michelin® commercial truck tyres

Michelin invented the radial tyre in 1946 and the radial truck tyre five years later. Since then, we have introduced many new radial truck tyre innovations. Yet many of the basics still apply today. A radial truck tyre must have three basic qualities: load capacity, adequate tread contact area for steering control and road grip and heat resistance.

How a tyre is built

More than 200 different materials are used to build a tyre. However, the main components of a tyre are natural rubber, synthetic rubber, steel, fabric materials and carbon black. Many different compounds can be present in one tyre, because different parts of the tyre perform different tasks.



How to read tyre sizing ?



How to read a tyre sidewall ?

There is much more to a tyre’s sidewall than the tyre size. In fact, there can be as much as 25 different icons and descriptions. Learn how to read them, what they mean, and how you can choose the perfect tyre for you.


How to read dot identification ?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) insignia is your tyre's identification number. Think of it as a birth certificate for your tyre. It shows the plant where your tyre was manufactured, the week and year it was produced and more.