Tyre advantages

Innovative, Quality, High-performing Truck & Bus Tyres

Michelin has a wide variety of high-performing truck tyres that are designed to deliver fuel-efficiency, high-mileage and traction you can trust. What makes our tyres superior is our commitment to quality and better total cost of ownership. But we also offer much more than just tyres. We're here to help your fleet improve its bottom line through proper tyre selection, proper maintenance and safety tips on how to find the perfect MICHELIN® tyre for your needs.

Our Commitment to Quality

"Before, during and after the manufacturing process, MICHELIN® tyres are tested to ensure quality control. 
New methods of testing are always being developed to keep producing a better product.
Engineers in physics, chemistry, electronics and other fields use a wide range of materials and techniques. Electron microscopy, x-rays, holography, transmission and absorption spectography, high-speed photography and various other investigative techniques are used to study the tyre and the tyre-and-wheel-assembly interaction with the rest of the vehicle.
Quality control goes beyond the laboratory to the production line itself. At each stage of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to the finished product, production standards and requirements are constantly verified. Today all plants incorporate Michelin's latest technological developments and highly automated production processes. "